Regent JohnThis is my home for my StarGate: Atlantis fan fiction. As one reviewer said of me “I is a proud whumper!”

I mainly write post season 5, but some of my stories do occur during the earlier seasons. I try to stay true to the characters. You may see references to the series episodes and to the novels. MGM considers the novels canon and so do I.

Pairings: In my world, John and Teyla do get together. I do not do slash.

Characters: The crew from Atlantis and Cheyenne Mountain have free reign here.

Warnings: If you want pure fluff, don’t read anything here.
Stories may contain violence, harsh language or mention of drug use.
My Atlantis is sentient – don’t like it, don’t read it.
Stories may also contain adult situations.

Feedback: You are welcome to leave feedback. Do not leave unsolicited grammar corrections. These stories have been betaed and do not need it again.

Enjoy your time here and check back often for updates!

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